Best practices for collecting accounts receivable (AR) in the new age

Debt collection may be an age-old activity. But your strategies to manage it must evolve with the times.

Fast invoicing and follow up? They are today’s table stakes.

Your customers are dealing with high inflation, rising interest rates, and clogged supply chains. In other words, your collections notifications are not top of mind for them.

In this session, you will discover best practices that help you to cut through the noise and get paid faster. That includes:
- Using technology to design tailored workflows that better engage customers. 
- The importance of two-way communication and how to build it into your collections.  
- Creating a prioritization strategy that enables you to control AR risk.  
- Key strategies that align AR and sales to streamline the collections process.

Sarah-Jayne Martin
Finance Automation - Relevant for English-speaking Europe