Could AI be the missing element in your accounts receivable (AR) team's success?

Atradius revealed that overdue B2B invoices increased by 7% in 2023. With interest rates remaining high, customers are limiting borrowing and holding on to cash.

Using AI in your AR management, you can become strategic, maximize your resources, and dedicate your time to what matters most. 

In simple terms: you can keep cash flowing, no matter what your business is up against.

Join this session to discover the power of AI, including: 
- Payment prediction that delivers flawless forecasting and faster collections.   
- Touchless cash application that ensures funds are always available.   
- Self-writing emails that allow you to build out collections' communications in record time.   
- Language processing that manages inbound emails and optimizes customer interactions.

Laura Elliston
Finance Automation - Relevant for English-speaking Europe